three reasons for choosing WIKI
Reason 1: professional R & D strength

The doctoral R & D team led by Professor Zhang Guoqing and doctoral advisor of University of science and technology of China has nearly 20 years of R & D experience in the fields of biology and chemistry. Since its establishment in 2015, the company has applied for 68 domestic patents, 1 International Patent and 35 authorized patents.

Our products have been certified by FDA, EU and TUV.

Reason 2: professional production environment

The company built more than 6000 square meters of professional production workshop, with 100000 purification workshop, equipped with fully automated canning production line. The factory has passed ISO14001, ISO9001, iso45001 certification, and obtained the national high-tech enterprise certification.

Reason 3: choice and trust of professional customers

In the medical field, including Anhui Provincial Hospital, Anhui children's Hospital, Shanghai public health clinical center, Shaw international medical center and other hundreds of professional medical institutions are our partners;

In the catering industry, including Haidilao, Starbucks, Laoxiang chicken and other well-known catering chain enterprises are our partners;

In the pet field, crazy dog, new ruipeng, e pet and other industry leading brands are our partners;


Sincerely invite you to participate in the cause of safety disinfection and become the partner of Kiwi!


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